vosd-ai-for-dog-vet-assistanceVOSD AI – India’s 1st Vet AI for dogs

About Us – VOSD AI: Pioneering Veterinary Care for Dogs in India

Welcome to VOSD AI™, India’s first Artificial Intelligence system dedicated to dogs’ veterinary care. At VOSD AI™, we understand the importance of your dogs’ well-being and strive to offer personalized, accessible, and reliable veterinary assistance through our innovative AI solutions.

Our extensive network of over 1000 veterinarians spans 6 metros and covers 100 cities with populations exceeding 4 lakhs. With proven success in handling 700 different disease cases and a repository of 1000 different medicine recommendations and treatments, VOSD AI™ is at the forefront of comprehensive veterinary care.

World’s 1st Vet AI for Dogs: VOSD AI™ takes pride in being the world’s first AI system specifically designed for veterinary care for dogs.

Customized AI: Our AI is tailored to offer pet owners a direct line to 24×7 veterinary support. Receive expert advice and treatment recommendations personalized for your dog’s health.

Nationwide Accessibility: Regardless of where you are in India, VOSD AI™ ensures that your dog can access top-notch veterinary guidance. Distance is no longer a barrier to excellent pet care.

How to Use VOSD AI™

VOSD AI™ is the World’s 1st AI specific for dogs, offering the best India-specific veterinary treatment & advice 24×7! Use VOSD AI™ to:

  • Check for symptoms
  • Diagnose health conditions
  • Understand prescriptions
  • Identify medicine alternatives
  • Check VOSD Trust™ policies
  • Connect with nearest vets

Contact Us

For any inquiries or assistance, feel free to reach out to us at:

VOSD Corporation
116, Tower B, Carlton Towers HAL Airport Road,
Bengaluru – 560008
Email: info@vosd.in


Our Family of Companies

The VOSD Corporation is proud to be part of the larger VOSD Group of Companies, each contributing to the welfare of dogs in its own unique way:

  • VOSD Trust: A foundation committed to the well-being and rescue of stray dogs.

  • VOSD Pet Cab: Ensuring safe and comfortable transportation for your pets.

  • Vet2Trade: Connecting veterinary businesses, hospitals, pet owners with trusted veterinary products and services.

  • VOSD Store: Your go-to destination for quality pet care products.

Together, as the VOSD family, we are dedicated to creating a world where every dog receives the love, care, and attention they deserve. Thank you for choosing VOSD AI – where innovation meets compassion in the pursuit of better lives for our four-legged friends.